3 new prints now available!

I’m cutting to the chase: I’ve got 3 more 8″ x 8″ prints available in the store! They’re loaded with so many layers of meaning they’ll drag your eyes into your jaw and redefine what you thought a pen and ink can do. Also, I enjoy hyperbole. Check em out!

First up: Doodlenado

The swarm of human figures bursting from the ground, forming a tenuous mushroom cloud of limbs and emotions begs humanity to reconsider the death it is casting on its surrounding environment. Also, I thought thought it would be fun to draw a lot of overlapping limbs.


Second: Good F**king Morning

Here we see a man emerging from a lukewarm mug of coffee, shedding the weight of sleep from his eyes as he protests the onslaught of the day which has perhaps taken the form of a pounding depression taring at his mind as he realizes he is at his happiest when he is asleep. Also, I don’t interact well until after I’ve finished my first cup of coffee.


And finally: Workout!

Here we see a man fighting the gravitational buttress that tears our skin towards its ever-nearing resting place: the ground. His courageous act of astrophysical rebellion asserts an aggression on his surroundings and a defiance that claims his body as his own. Also, I painted this to avoid working out.


Check them out in the store!

“#Selfie” now printing for your horrific pleasure.


Who said prints had to be pretty? The same people who said selfies were! Or, something like that. I think. This is a drawing of a picture being taken that I painted over and now print for people who need constant reminders that life is better spent without staring into the front-facing camera of a cell phone. Or, if you like taking selfies, this is a reminder of how awesome they are! Either way, check it out in the store.

selfie-thumb-1 selfie-thumb-3 selfie-thumb-2