I’m not normal.

Thanks for taking an interest in my work. I’m a graphic designer, illustrator, animator, photographer and music maker from the Philly area. I’ve made a game for iPhones and iPads called “The Cropduster”. I haven’t updated it for the latest version of iOS, so don’t bother playing it. For whatever reason it sells really well in Germany. They like their farting games, I suppose. Also, its completely free, so check it out if you feel so inclined.

I enjoy walks, video games, movies, cheese curls, whisky, good beer, and better company. There are times that I get overwhelmed, but then I doodle and I feel better. Have you ever noticed how people’s eye color can change depending on what they’re wearing? What’s up with that? Also, what’s the deal with Chuck E Cheese these days. They were huge when I was a kid, but now I never hear about them. Maybe since I’ve gotten older than their target demographic I’m no longer consuming the media they advertise around. Do they advertise? I kind of assumed kids whining to go to Chuck E Cheese was an inborn compulsion. Like crying for milk.

Speaking of inborn compulsions, check out the links to see what I’m up to. And try not to break anything.

TLDR; Chuck E Cheese is milk and to see more of my work, check out my Tumblr and follow me on Instagram @danyowell.gif.


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